branded desktop on rent


Designed for personal and home use, desktop computers are most common and known product in world of computers. We provide branded as well as customized desktop as per user requirement.  We sell and rent out desktop with latest configuration.


  • All leading Brands (HP, DELL, LENOVO, ACER, INTEL)
  • Desktop with latest configuration
  • i3/i5/i7 processor systems
  • Customized Desktop specially for your need.
dell, hp, lenovo, acer , intel desktop


Workstation is a specially designed computer to perform some specific task(technical or scientific). Workstations are more efficient and have better performance than mainstream personal computer. Workstations usually run or develop high end graphic solutions.


  • Workstations are optimized to do a specific task.
  • Faster than ordinary desktop/laptop.
  • very high end computers, costs a bit more.
  • Connected in high speed network.
  • Multiple processor sockets, multiple display, powerful CPUs
workstation available for rent/lease
thin client on rent at CJPL


A thin client is a stateless, low cost end point computing device which doesn’t have storage capacity. It relies on server(cloud or virtualization) to store its data and other computational operations. Thin clients are used as a cost effective replacement for PC.


  • Used as a substitute to PCs.
  • Thin Clients don’t have their own storage space(no HDD) hence less vulnerable to virus.
  • Centralized Software Management i.e. easier and more secure administration.
  • Have Ethernet connection for networking and video processor for nice graphical experience.





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